Bohemian 3D Bed Cover – Ashok Treasures

Bohemian 3D Bed Cover

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Lend your bed the look of elegance with the Bohemian 3D Bed Cover form the house of Ashoka Treasures. With the liveliness of effervescent colours galore, this 3D bed cover does not just augment the aesthetics of your bedroom, it also makes your bed look snazzy and flamboyant. Printed in the elegant pastoral style with the reactive printing technique, it comes along with a duet cover set and is dimension-wise large enough to fully cover a double bed. The pastel green and the red colour that graciously fill the maximum portion of this bed sheet create an ambiance of positivity and calm inside your bedroom.

  • Elegant design
  • Effervescent colours
  • Reactive printing technique
  • Pastoral style print