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Woven Cushion Cover

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Machine-printed, readymade cushion covers are commonplace and nothing more than ‘average’. If you want unique cushion covers for the furniture in your drawing room, you ought to give the Woven Cushion Cover a try. This cushion cover is entirely hand-woven and bears an antique appeal. Available in geometric patterns that look extremely classy, it is crafted from linen and cotton. The cushion cover is sure going to compel your guests to ask you where you sourced it from. Lend your drawing room the most unique retro look with Ashoka Treasures’ Woven Cushion Cover. The choices of patterns and colours are diverse and eye-catching, not to mention unique and artistic too.

  • Hand-woven
  • Has an antique appeal
  • Made using cotton and linen
  • Wide choices of colours to choose from